Classes are held near the fitness center located below the North Adams Holiday Inn. Changing facilities and showers are available.

40 Main Street
North Adams, MA 01247
(413) 664-6255  |  email
For a detailed class schedule, see our monthly calendar.
Beginner package: (all ages)
The starter Tae Kwon Do package costs $99 and includes 6 weeks of classes (attend anywhere from 1 to 3 classes a week), a uniform, and belt.
Children's Class: (ages 5-8)
This class is fun and creative, geared towards the learning curve of young children. They'll see that they're learning self-defense, but you'll see that they are learning much more: our program enhances self-confidence, self-esteem, respect, courtesy, and tremendously improves coordination.
Adult Class: (ages 14+)
Tae Kwon Do is an excellent way of keeping fit. It increases strength, flexibility, coordination, and aerobic capacity. Practicing Tae Kwon Do, you can take off excess weight and become physically fit while learning self-discipline and valuable self-defense techniques. Classes are physically and mentally challenging, but the instructors are sensitive to the individual abilities of students, and work with them to create an optimal learning environment.
Black Belt Club: (by invitation only)
The Black Belt Club is an elite group of our school's top students who have made the commitment to earning a Black Belt. A Black Belt is the world's most recognized and respected martial arts rank and an international symbol of personal excellence. The commitment to earning this rank, and the prestige associated with it, is recognized in becoming a member. Being a member of our Black Belt Club will entitle the student to wear a special uniform, belt, & patch; signifying their dedication to achieving their Black Belt. Students attend weekly classes for members only that have been structured for accelerated training and quicker advancement. The instructors at Berkshire Tae Kwon Do have recognized the qualities of a Black Belt in its club members. Students must have an outstanding attitude with strong spirit. Presently, a rank of green belt (6th Gup) and an age of 13 years is required for nomination to the Black Belt Club. However, Master Hughes makes exceptions to this guideline on the merits of individual student efforts.
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